Veggiebag Cotton | 3-Pack


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Our reusable cotton bags are the perfect alternative to single-use plastic bags. The mesh bags can be used when selecting and carrying your fresh fruit and vegetables from local stores. The cotton bags will also help to keep your fruit and vegetables fresh longer due to their breathable fabric. The set of 3 produce bags come in a 100% organic cotton pouch making it easy to carry them to the shop. Both produce bags and pouch are made from 100% cotton and are machine-washable, reusable as well as environmentally-friendly.

The bags are also handy for organising, travel, the gym, or even as eco-friendly holiday gift bags. The organic cotton pouch can also be utilised as an additional bag for grains, cereals and seeds.


  • The bags measure 30 x 35cm each
  • Both bags and pouch feature a drawstring
  • See through mesh material for convenience whilst shopping
  • Each bag can carry up to 2 kilos
  • Each bag weighs 40 grams
  • Bags are machine-washable
  • All material used is 100% cotton

Other uses:

  • Produce can be stored in the bag for an extended life cycle
  • Bulk Goods Shopping: Nuts, Dried Fruit, Pasta
  • Laundry Bag
  • Herb Drying
  • Bread