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RPET stands for recycled polyethylene terephthalate, or recycled PET. PET is a strong, durable and recyclable material that is used for soda bottles, water bottles and food jars. RPET is produced by collecting, sorting and recycling PET, then refining the material into flakes that can be turned into new products. Using RPET as an alternative to PVC is a huge step forward on the path toward a greener, safer and cleaner future.

Our produce bags & coloured pouch as well as our bread bags are made from 100% RPET. The materials are food grade certified to the following standards: COMMISSION REGULATION (EU)No.10/2011 on plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food and German food, Articles of Daily Use and Feed Code (LFGB), section 30&31. Attached please find the documentation: CTT Certification

Veco is based in Malta and we couldn’t be prouder!

We haven’t limited our shipping destinations – veco ships worldwide! If your country isn’t listed just drop us an e-mail and we’ll work on it!

Postage on orders over €15 is free in Malta & Gozo. For orders less than €15 postage is just €0.50c.

Postage to European countries is €1.95 plus €1 for each additional item.

Postage to the rest of the world is €2.95 plus €2 for each additional item.

Our produce bags are machine-washable up to 30º and can also be hand washed in cold water. Hang to dry in the shade and do not tumble dry!

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A whopping 91% of the world’s plastic is not recycled! Being that the market for recycled plastic is quite small, it doesn’t pay to collect and recycle it. If companies such as veco start opting for RPET, the demand automatically increases and in turn more plastic is collected and recycled rather than left to pollute our oceans and environment.

Our bags can be re-used over and over and really are a great solution to single-use plastic bags – which most of the time don’t even end up being recycled. So when you think about it – we’re saving 620 plastic bags per household from being added to our landfills each year.

For added convenience veco accepts various methods of payment;

  • PayPal
  • Credit Card
    Visa and Mastercard are both accepted.
  • Direct Bank Transfer (via Revolut)
    Details are as follows;
    IBAN: GB54 REVO 0099 7066 2014 10
  • Revolut
    For Revolut effect your payment using the number +356 9930 5983
  • BOV Mobile Pay
    For BOV Mobile Pay effect your payment using the number +356 9930 5983


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