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Zero Waste October – Reduce

Hello Zero Waste October followers!

Our last post was all about refusing single-use plastic. If you haven’t yet given it a read you can do so by clicking here.

Creating zero waste is not just about refusing, there’s a few R’s you need to keep in mind; Refuse, Reduce, Reuse & Recycle. This time it’s all about reducing – something we probably don’t do enough of!


Refuse what you don’t need
Reduce what you do need

So how can I reduce my waste?

  1. Opt for a home-cooked meal!
    Reduce the amount of times you dine out or order a take-away. Statistically when we cook at home we only waste about 3% of  the food prepared compared to a whopping 40% in restaurants!
  2. Take your left overs home!
    Reduce food waste by asking your server to box up your food before heading home! This way you’re helping to reduce the amount of food rotting in our landfills while also having tomorrow’s lunch sorted. Feel free to take your own reusable container with you instead of going home with unnecessary single-use packaging.
  3. Trade paper napkins for a cloth!
    Reduce your waste by eliminating paper napkins from your shopping list. We know they’re super convenient in the kitchen but using a reusable cloth is a great way of reducing unnecessary waste.
  4. Make your own nut butter!
    Reduce the extra packaging and unhealthy additives and make your own delicious nut butters. Buy your nuts in bulk, roast them for that extra kick and chuck them in the processor. You don’t even need to add anything to the nuts as they slowly release their own oils but if you wish to anyway you can add dates, salt or some coconut oil for a super tasty home-made nut butter.
    Don’t be discouraged when it doesn’t immediately look like peanut butter – give them time and remember to scrape the nuts from the sides every now and again.
  5. Bulk-buy!
    Reduce the large amounts of packaging on individual products and opt for bulk-buying! Besides the fact that it turns out to be cheaper, it also reduces the transport miles. Take your own reusable bags rather than using the single-use bags available. Buy your reusable bags here for a more convenient shopping experience. The bags are perfect for bulk-buying nuts, seeds, pasta and cereals!
  6. Opt for minimally packaged products!
    Reduce the useless single-use packaging by shopping smart and opting for the less-packaged option. There’s nearly always a plastic vs glass option. Always go for glass! If you can shop at the deli and take your own reusable containers that’s always a plus too!
  7. Use both sides of a paper before recycling it!
    Reduce paper waste by writing on both sides of a paper before chucking it away – scrap paper always comes in handy anyway! Always remember to recycle.
  8. Go old-school and carry a handkerchief!
    Reduce the amount of packets of tissues used! I really think they did things better back in the day. Do you remember your grandparents using a handkerchief ? I even happen to have a friend who has always used one. They’re great for a little sniffle as well as being a reusable alternative to paper tissues. Let’s be honest, how many times have we found open packets of tissues running around our bags or cars? Think of all the plastic packaging too!
  9. Use loose-leaves for your daily cuppa!
    Reduce landfill waste! For any tea addicts out there – we might not always realise that each tea bag is actually made from plastic and not compostable with all the strings, tags & staples! We really recommend loose-leaves and brewing it in a tea infuser for a lovely cup of tea!

There’s lots of ways to make a difference to the amount of waste you are producing and the above are only just a few.  Feel free to comment or message us with more ideas!

We hope that Zero Waste October is going well for you and if you haven’t yet made the effort this month – there’s still 13 days to go (as well as the rest of your life!)

Happy Reducing,


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Zero Waste October – Refuse

If in case you haven’t yet heard – it’s Zero Waste October! Now we know that producing absolutely no waste is pretty much impossible in today’s world but I can assure you that reducing your waste drastically is most certainly possible and not as hard as you may think.

There’s been a lot of news these past few days about the global crisis we’re facing. The world has been noticing dramatic changes such as melting ice caps and land ice, rising ocean temperatures and extreme weather events. It may be hard to believe but not everyone can see or understand that there is a crisis and that the Earth is at stake. Reducing our waste and being more eco-conscious is a big part of doing our part as citizens so keep reading for some useful tips to help you be a part of the solution!

There’s a few R’s you need to keep in mind; Refuse, Reduce, Reuse & Recycle. There’s a few more but these I find keep me in check just fine.

Refuse what you don’t need. This may be inconvenient at times but it really is the foundation of ‘zero waste’.

Refuse single-use plastic bags; Carry your own reusable shopping bag when popping over to the grocery store. Besides being charged for any bags, you’ll find it convenient to always have your own sturdy bag to carry your shopping. Single-use plastic bags for fruit & veg are probably the worst because they can’t be recycled and are very hard to reuse due to their size. The price sticker usually ruins them anyway as they tear the plastic when removed! This is where we come in – buy your own set of recycled veggiebags to use when shopping for fruit & veg so you never have to use those pesky plastic bags again!

Refuse plastic utensils, cups & plates; If you’re out and about and ordering a take-away, remember to say no to plastic plates or utensils they may offer. Say no to the napkins they offer too and choose to drink from the bottle or can rather than from a plastic cup. Be prepared – grab a reusable container and cutlery and chuck them in your car for unexpected take-away trips.

Refuse straws in bars & restaurants; Skip the straw when ordering a drink. Over 500 million straws are used everyday and these take over 200 years to decompose. Each year, 1 million seabirds and 100,000 marine animals die from ingesting plastic. You can ask for paper or bamboo straws or just drink from the glass.

Refuse single-use plastic containers at supermarkets; Carry your own reusable containers when buying from the deli counter. Nowadays most supermarkets let you do this and they even take the weight of your container into consideration when calculating the final cost.

Refuse over-packaged products; Refrain from buying these in the first place to decrease the amount of waste that actually enters your house.

Refuse plastic toothbrushes; Buy bamboo toothbrushes which are plant-based for more eco-friendly teeth brushing sessions.

Refuse disposable coffee cups; Ditch the single-use coffee cups and carry your own reusable one! There are so many pretty coffee cups nowadays and they’re so much better for transporting coffee to work without spilling!

The above are only a few examples – think reusable water bottles, non-plastic toiletry bottles and there’s also the amazing menstrual cup for the ladies that wish to have a more eco-conscious period!

Refusing single-use plastic is always easier when you’re prepared so go on and grab some reusable containers, bags and utensils and stick them in the car or in your most-used bag to always have them handy!

Best of luck,